Limitation of Liability

The intention of the portal is to provide advice and information on the topic of finance, financial management, financial markets, trading, shares etc. The portal contains various advice and important and useful information for visitors. All content is based on publically obtained information, information obtained from financial institutions and on experience of contributors and experts. Despite the fact that the contributors to the portal strive to provide expert, useful and current content, the changes in the banking and financial sector happen fast and are unpredictable which is why we cannot fully guarantee the promptness of all data and information published on the portal. This is why we recommend that the visitors check the accuracy of data at the relevant official financial institutions themselves before applying the information and advice. The portal and its contributors shall not and cannot be held liable for incorrect information and any kind of personal or property damage caused by following advice and information published on the portal. The portal and its content cannot substitute professional advice of financial employees.